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Soft Dog Crates

Soft Dog Crates have a steel frame with sturdy cloth material for the sides. Comfortable & Secure. Browse Here!
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The soft dog crate with its steel frame and soft sides made of sturdy materials are great for dogs on the go or owners who need to tuck away the dog crate during the day. You can take your pet's crate with you to work, on trips, camping, or transporting him in the car. While you are home and want the extra living space you can easily collapse the soft dog crate and store it in the closet or under the bed.

When you are on the go, your pet will feel safe and secure in his own soft dog crate whether he is in an unfamiliar hotel room or on an overnight trip to the lake. The soft dog crates are not only for indoor use. Many of the soft dog crates are made of tough materials that are water resistant and can withstand the weather very well.

Some of the soft dog crates have mesh windows and pockets inside for your pet's favorite toys or treats. Some have trays in the bottom of the crate for easy clean-up.

Advantages of Soft Dog Crates:

  • Soft dog crates are usually collapsible, making for easy storage.
  • They’re very light weight, meaning they’ll take less effort for you to move around.
  • Most of these types of crates will have high visibility and superior ventilation, making your puppy feel secure and making sure that they have fresh air.
  • They’re soft, which has obvious advantages for your canine’s comfort. You’ll also find that they’re perfect for clumsy puppies or dogs recovering from surgery who might injure themselves in a wire or plastic crate.
Considerations of Soft Dog Crates:

  • They are more easily damaged by dogs with destructive tendencies.
  • If your dog isn’t well potty trained, cleaning can be quite a chore.